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Response to Causley

Had a long day today applying for jobs, so I decide to share my favourite poem with you I saw a jolly hunter by Charles Causley. This poem is so powerful its says a lot about humans and the way they treat each other. I have then written a poem in response to the one written by Causley, my meaning of the poem.


I saw a jolly hunter

By Charles Causley
I saw a jolly hunter
with a jolly gun
Walking in the country
In the jolly sun

In the jolly meadow
sat a jolly hare
saw the jolly hunter
took jolly care

Hunter jolly eager
sight of jolly prey
forgot gun pointing
wrong jolly way(!)

Jolly hunter jolly head
over heels gone
jolly old safety catch
not jolly on!

Bang! went the jolly gun
Hunter jolly dead
Jolly prey* got clean away
Jolly good I said


Response to Causley’s I saw a Jolly Hunter


Jolly hunters be wise,

Jolly hunters be aware,

Shooting that animal is it really fair?

Lord was on its side today,

You’re not so jolly now,

Hunting maybe not so fun,

Hunters you have a choice now.

Call yourself a friend

Why don’t you ask what I’m feeling?

Why I’m so glum,

Maybe I need help,

Maybe some fun,

Why don’t you ask what I’m feeling?

Maybe you could help,

Maybe you need some fun,

Why don’t you ask what I’m feeling?

What’s eating me,

What’s scaring you?

Why don’t you ask what I’m feeling?

Consciences or profit

Pondering over whether asking someone at the till if they would like to buy something like stamps or a phone top is trivial or not, was embarrassing to say the least when I got asked the same question. I either looked remarkably stupid as at that moment of time  as I could not process what the cashier had just asked or maybe I looked like something from another planet.

This somewhat proves my point of  what  I was lulling over, whether it is a question of  trying to lure someone into the midst of impulse buying is morally wrong.

Organisations try to meet targets by encouraging  impulse buying this  may be a clever marketing ploy, but what about asking someone to buy something who will say yes but not understanding the concept of what they are saying yes too. This could be a morally wrong process that is feeding upon the vulnerabilities of members of society forcing their hand and encouraging them to buy something they may not want, need or understand.

So my question is should organisations allow people to be compelled into impulse buying, through the ir encouragement. This susequently making capable and vulnerable people to have decision ‘forced’ upon them in order for the organisations to make a profit.

what do you think? Answers on a postcard or in the comments box please.

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