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End of an era

I have packed away all of my things from University, the DVD of my ceremony, my photo albums and packed them away into a pretty box possibly never to see daylight for some time. These are treasured memories I suppose you can say this is the end of an era for me, University was one of the biggest and most precious time of my life yes I got a brilliant degree but I also made friends for life. I wish them well for their future and hope for many to stay in touch. I am going to miss uni and I am already jealous of those who will return soon.

However life and time has to move on, I am now looking for work and continuing with my writing which so far I am having success which has surpassed my expectations. I have been writing a long time but to date I have only being blogging for 8 weeks. I have reached 1,100 views in this short period of time and have had a huge success which is only progressing.

As you will be able to see changes have happened I have added a music section and famous quote section and this blog is progressing as I am.

Onwards and upwards here is to a continuous successful blog and job hunting.

Thank you for reading


Planning, write, succeed


You have dreams, open your eyes, turn them into something and start planning for your future.

A crucial element of writing is planning; it helps encourage the mind and pushes you to achieve something. The more chances of writing it down the more chance you will achieve and have a goal to focus on.

Writing your own plan encourages you to better your skills. Although there a different types of planning:

Plan what you are going to write

You have decide what you are going to write a story, you need to plan when it happened, what happened, change of scenes, why it happened, who with, characters. This type of plan can be used for articles, poems, plays, as well as stories.

Tip -Try using different coloured pens for different themes or elements of your story, planning is essential.

Make sure you don’t miss anything! Now you have that wonder piece of writing, what you going to with it? This is where the second element of planning is critical what are you going to do with it? Use your writing for others to see or keep it yourself. The choice is yours however this also requires a form of planning.

Explore the options you can do with your work and keep dreaming.

I am currently at the stage of planning what I intend to do with my writing. I am aware that plans change but in order for it to change you need to have something to happen.

Here is my plan so far, it’s basic with nothing to adventurous or totally unachievable.

My current plan

  1. I intend to try and write something every day even if it is just a couple of lines.
  2. I will try and post on my blog at least once every other day, this will help keep readership.
  3. I want to improve my writing.
  4. I intend to set up a twitter account for writing purpose, in order to communicate and share with others.
  5. I want to try and achieve 5 followers a month, I want to reach people but I don’t want them to force them to read my work.
  6. I plan to have money to create a book of poems to be published within the next five years.


This is just an initial plan which will grow as my writing and followers grow this can only happen by doing instead of dreaming. This is what I am doing I have started my plan, keep following to see if what happens.

Don’t repress you dreams, believe and be!

Dream, Plan, Possibility, Reality

Rushing through the night sky

Shooting star

Your guiding light

Patterns forming

Your futures looking bright


Watching you wish float on by


Dreams faded

Shouldn’t have waited

The moments passed


The first part of the poem is about grabbing opportunities while we can. This can be done by planning to seek out those opportunities and acting upon them eventually leading to  fulfilment. The second half of the poem is the possible consequence for not acting upon these important moments and opportunities in life. As you can see dreams can fade and the moment can pass, chose what to act on and what to let pass.

My next blog post will be on planning your writing dreams and some of my plans for the future.

Keep writing and posting!



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