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My little cupcake

Sweet, tempting,

Unwrapping you with care,

Gentle and delicately,

Your beauty radiant,

Your colour vibrant,

Pink and silky, smooth,

Desire and longing,

As I try not to stare.

Hidden Depths

As usual I write a poem on the analysis of lost girl it’s very Lauren and Dyson orientated and how I think they’re feeling.


Feeling of numbness and pain,

How you love me the same,

You hide so well,

Will I ever be the same?

Our desire can be hidden depths of our soul,

Only brought by the light of another,

Or seen by the eyes of another,

My eyes can lie,

But my soul know no boundry,

Those you hold close,

Never let go,

Your saviour,

Whether you know it yet,

Or not.

Dream, Plan, Possibility, Reality

Rushing through the night sky

Shooting star

Your guiding light

Patterns forming

Your futures looking bright


Watching you wish float on by


Dreams faded

Shouldn’t have waited

The moments passed


The first part of the poem is about grabbing opportunities while we can. This can be done by planning to seek out those opportunities and acting upon them eventually leading to  fulfilment. The second half of the poem is the possible consequence for not acting upon these important moments and opportunities in life. As you can see dreams can fade and the moment can pass, chose what to act on and what to let pass.

My next blog post will be on planning your writing dreams and some of my plans for the future.

Keep writing and posting!



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