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Rubbing hands with glee

Little business man short and fat,

Rubbing his hands with glee,

Feeding off others misery,

Then along comes corporate man,

Full of knowledge and dough,

A gold lined cloak,

Little man full,

On misery and self hate.

Your voice

The sound of one’s voice can make you melt,

Like snowflakes falling to the ground,

A voice can make you quiver with fear,

Or excitement,

As the one you have missed,

Longed for so long is with you again,

Your emotions mixed,

But they keep you calm,

With the power they posses,

Deep, dark and sultry,

Unique to them,

A power over you,

Weak at the knees,

A safety net,

Of just words.

Power of Friendship

You have known me the least,

You know me the most,

A ever burning presence,

Fought through the ash,

By my side every day,

Forever more till we know each other,

No more.

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