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What I want

There are so many things I want,

So few I need,

Communication is the key,

All that is,

All that can be,

Just open your mouth and say it,

Before all is lost,

Don’t take it out on me.

Communication is the key.

Go forth into the night

A passion,

Hid away,

Lock and key,

So strong,

Takes your breath away,


Do not go into the night,

With bated breath,

Embrace your path, in which it takes you,

Unleash your greatest desire,

The night is yours.

That Hold

You make my blood boil,

Yet I can’t turn away,

I want to leave,

But feel I must say,

You have a hold,

I cannot break,

I’m warning you now,

I make my own fate.


Torn between pleasing others,

Pleasing yourself,

Oh how can you be yourself?

With others to please,

Flowers blooming,

Birds tweeting,

They are free.

The key

I wrote this while sitting in a coffee shop drinking the writer’s juice of inspiration, well mocha and a rocky road cake. (Shhhh im meant to be on a diet).

I’m lulling over this challenge that was put to me, whatyou have to do is on a Sunday at the end of the week you have to come up with ten things that were good or positive about the previous week. As well as ten negative or things you disliked about the previous week.

So I have noted all the positives and negatives of the previous week I could think of, it’s quite revealing.


10 positive good things of last week

  1. My blog results have hit over 700 views
  2. I have been blogging for just over 6 weeks
  3. Found my new favourite TV programme Being Erica
  4. Going out for a girly night out
  5. Family moments
  6. Rocky road cake
  7. People feel the same about job hunting not alone.


10 negative things of last week

  1. Being upset with myself
  2. Getting to the end of my Being Erica DVD
  3. Not enjoying girly night out
  4. Hating job hunting
  5. Ruining diet with rocky road
  6. Family fighting/arguments


As you can see I couldn’t complete the 10 positive/ negative things of the week. Although it does ask the question such as are positive and negatives related can you have one completely occur without the other being affected.

Life is like a chain reaction as one thing happens something else happens. We make our own positives and negatives in life and we can change them this is key in life and something we should fight to remember, maybe next week will have more positives than negative.


Why don’t you try your own list and see what you see about your week, your life and maybe what you can change.



The key to your life,

You are your own guiding light,

Let it shine.

Are you listening?

I have dreams

I have to fight

To prove them everyday.

Welcome to the real world …………………….


I have recently graduated University with a strong degree but I have come down to earth with an almighty bang.

This therefore is a difficult blog to write, the job climate is worse than ever and finding employment is a task and a half.

The entering of the rat race, would come as a quite a pleasing solution. As at the current time the stress of trying to find employment has resulted in frequent migraines and sickness.  The situation has consequently started to rapidly sap the positivity from the soul, turning it rapidly into negativity through the rejection and its cruel process.

Life is turning into a conveyor belt going from person to person, signing papers, sending letters, and dealing with the hard knocks of rejection.

Hopefully they will be more options for work soon as I feel I am wasting away my skills that I have worked so hard to gain.

I was aware that  job hunting wouldn’t be easy but so far it is very disheartening and with limited opportunities that make me feel that my degree was a waste. Maybe this will lead me in a different direction, who knows?

However it is a learning curve of life and a right of passage everyone must go through however difficult, the key is to try and remain as  positive as possible and keep applying for jobs.


Well at least there’s time for writing and that can only be a positive result.


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