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A little too much beer


I picked five words and attempted to turn them into a poem:

Stagger, indiscriminate, accidental, stale, gloomy


Staggering down the lane,

The gloomy night,

The air stale,

So thick it takes your breath away,

Swerving and falling,

Walking into people,

Lamppost and things accidental,

Indiscriminate of creed, sex or colour,

As you cling to the walls and fences,

Hitting the pavement with your head,

Losing a shoe as you try not to fall again,

Maybe I should have stayed for another beer,

Oh please be careful my dear,

As I cling to your hand.

Nothing as strange as people

I really wonder about you,

You say nothing,

Then something random comes along,

Nothing of substance,

Just an uttered word or two,

You don’t reply,

I don’t get you,

Are you fake?


Attention seeker,

Or are you shy and not sure what to do or say,

I don’t understand you,

Maybe now is time to stop.

Blood Drips

As the blood drips,

From the wrists,

Why didn’t her prince save her?

As promised, in the fairytale,

She fell but nobody read her face,

The colour drains and she’s gone,

No more pain,

No more suffering.



Wanting to break free,

So ill close my eyes,

Dream the answer,

Were my answer will guide me,

To the path ahead.

Beauty on the screen

Is that beauty on the screen?


Or a defamation,

A view of what they want you to see,


A disguise,

A fiction,

Of something,

Dangerous, ugly and humane,


Enforced beliefs,

Sucked into a dream,

A beauty to behold,

Nothing but a fake.


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