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Cancer Gene

The cancer gene it is becoming more common for people to want to know their genes, what makes them who they are?

Although this begs the question has science gone too far? A prediction of your fate through your genetic system, will it really help you knowing what your future may hold due to a gene you have, putting a hold and time limit on your life on something that is so limited without worrying over a prediction that could be years into the future.

Should people be able to live their lives without this worry and should you be able to find out the genetic results? Or is this a form of preparation for the future and what may it hold, a human right given to us by the advances in technology.

The testing of the cancer gene is a huge decision in which a future can be set out through a blood sample. This could be a preparation for the future, but were does it stop, do you get your child tested? Will the result from this test stop you from having children, rush you into having them early if you have the cancer gene?

Is this unnecessary fear mongering or vital information? Then were does the gene searching stop, Parkinson’s disease, heart disease or some other possible genetic illness that you could inherit. Do you test for them all and count down the day for the first symptom?

Something’s are controllable, preventable, but proving you have a possibility of getting something can’t cure it. Gene testing is a personal preference it cannot be taken lightly it can show a glimpse into your future, a glimpse that may not be the answer you are looking for or want, but it’s the answer for those who wish to take it.

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