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No Longer My Sin


I thought you noticed,

I thought you understood,

I thought you heard my cry for help,

I thought you knew,

Turns out you don’t know me,

You never will,

I rose from the ashes,

You take your empty packet of pills,

And empty bottle of gin,

I’m moving on,

You are no longer my sin.

Crushing soul

Crushing, crushing,

Your words,

Filling my body with sand and sawdust,

Left there, To rot,

Like you never cared,


Crushing, crushing,

Strangling my soul,

As you burry me with words,

The sun burned out,

The sky filled with sadness.


World War or some other disaster

I’m responsible for World War 2,

Titanic too,

Iceberg right ahead,

Was I the one two blind two see it,

Of course not you weren’t born till 89,

Why can I taste the salt of the sea?

Here the bombs blazing,

Was I a coward who run and hid?

Will I go down in history as a champion?

Or another name on a gravestone.

So close yet so far

So close yet so far,



So close yet so far,

I would be over the moon,


So close yet so far,

By noon on 7th July,


So close yet so far,



So close yet so far,

Just holding on to a lucky star,


So close yet so far,

A year it will be,


So close yet so far.






Take it to your grave,

Take it with you,

But you’ll never be whole,


Open your heart,

Open your soul,

Do it if you want to be whole.

Slurp of rain


He drank the rain,

As it fell from the sky,

People looked in disgust,

Shunned and walked by,

For water is a life source,

A slurp kept the man alive,

His soul long gone,

Sapped from him,

And all you can do,

Is be thankful its not you.

Into the fire

Intensity, dire,


A journey through the mist,

Travelling through the eyes,

Down the spine,

Through the soul,

Into the fire.

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