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Is there anyone out there?

Hear you calling,

I hear my name whispered,

Through the tapping,
Of the rain,
A guide,

With wise words,
Who would never shone me,
Would feel my pain.


Don’t Break Her Spirit

Spirit is a funny thing,

Can be broken like an angels wings,

Once clipped,

Can’t just be taped,

To be fixed,

Next time you call that boy small,

Laugh because that girl got the question wrong,

Or missed the latest trend,

Remember their spirit,

And don’t break it.


A tree rises above the ………….

A tree rises above the ground,

But the tip of its leaves it’s not its end,

For its root can travel for miles,

Like it soul never ending,

Even as it’s shed it skin,

And during the wait,

Of them growing again,

The tree never loses its identity,

Or it’s dignity,

The world of growth.

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