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January blues


The dark days of January,

Not a penny in your pocket,

The frost in the air,

Don’t breathe too deeply,

Or the cold will take your breath away,


Will the days ever be brighter?

Maybe the sun is going to fall out of the sky,

Snow up to your knees,

Flowerless tress,

Can’t wait to see them blossom again.

Time, tree, memories, tomorrow and choice

I asked another friend to pick five random words: time, tree, memories, tomorrow and choice and this is what I came up with:


The time is now live for today,

Tomorrow will bring new choices,

Memories try not to let them haunt,

Guide you or define your path,

Time will fade don’t let it go to waste,

Let your life blossom like a cherry tree,

Not wither away like its autumn leaves,

Without seeing the precious sun.



Thank you Katia


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