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Donor register and driving

Is being an organ donor a morally right thing to do, a person’s choice or something that should be enforced?

A new system could be introduced so when people apply for a driving licence online they will be encouraged to sign up for the organ donation register.

In the UK a person can learn how to drive from the age of 17. Learning to drive is an exciting first step for every teenager they cannot wait to get behind the wheel of a car and pass their test. Learning to drive is a ticket to freedom and a rite of passage. Applying for a drivers licence can be so exciting a hasty process that cannot be over quick enough but know will have an added question do you want to join the organ donor register?

For all joining the organ donor register can only be seen as a positive thing; however are seventeen year olds mature enough to decide whether this is the right choice for them. Also a factor to be brought into the equation is the argument of do seventeen year olds discuss these choices with their parents and others around them letting them know what they feel and what decisions they are taking.

The other question to ask is will people even read the question before ticking yes or no as they just want to get the licence to them as quickly as possible without answering other questions.

The encouragement for younger people to make such a huge decision, maybe one that should not be encouraged for those of such a young age to take without complete clarification. As not everyone will understand what they are signing up for, it is a process that should contain deep thought before an action is taken.

It is not that I am against organ donation as I have been on the register since I was sixteen I just feel that it is a huge decision for a person to take that should be well thought through as well as being discussed with loved ones before decisions that may be made possibly hastily.

I also do think they are seventeen year olds mature enough to decide whether this is a decision for them and most highly capable of deciding for themselves. I just feel it is something that should be tackled in a different way, with medical backing for those to have a greater understanding of the importance of a good cause such as organ donation. Organ donation, discuss it if its right for you sign up for it you could change someone’s life.

If anyone has any comments feel free to do so.

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