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Six month anniversary

Hello everyone just an update today is writeitfeelit six month anniversary and I am over my 6,000 view target that I had set myself.

Thank you to everyone who has viewed my blog and welcome to those who will view it in the future (hopefully).


This has been a great adventure,

Twists and turns,

Filled of fear, anxiety, worry,

Fear acceptance,


Possible failure,

Mediocre success,


Acceptance like no other.

A message from us to you! Zoie

A message from us to you!

We love the joy you bring us,

For being you,

Your acting style,

Warming presence,

We will support you,

In everything you do and all that you are!

We’ve always got your back,

Always will just keep being you!


@indianajane72 Jordan

@writeitfeelit Kirsty

@Rocarangi Marilyn

@KAJ112 Kelly

@smellycat1304 Audrey


And Many more

Top 3 of 3

Over the last three months I have achieved much more than I had imagined, thank you to everyone who has viewed my blog over the last three months and has helped me reach over 2,000 views.

As Thursday will be the three month anniversary of my blog; I have decided to celebrate this by posting my top three poems of the last three months.

  1. Beauty on the screen
  2. Call yourself a friend
  3. Perfectly beautiful

Beauty on the screen

Is that beauty on the screen?


Or a defamation,

A view of what they want you to see,

A disguise,

A fiction,

Of something,

Dangerous ugly and humane,

Enforced beliefs,

Sucked into a dream,

A beauty to behold,

Nothing but a fake.

Call yourself a friend

Why don’t you ask what I’m feeling?

Why I’m so glum,

Maybe I need help,

Maybe some fun,

Why don’t you ask what I’m feeling?

Maybe you could help,

Maybe you need some fun,

Why don’t you ask what I’m feeling?

What’s eating me,

What’s scaring you?

Why don’t you ask what I’m feeling?

Perfectly beautiful

The beauty that beholds me,

So real and true,

Could anybody be as beautiful as you?

Don’t ever doubt it,

Hear me, please listen!

Don’t doubt yourself,


Believe me it’s true,

You don’t believe it,

You don’t see it,

It’s what makes you perfect.

My personal favourite so far is ‘Perfectly beautiful’, everyone is beautiful and it’s the acceptance of how YOU perceive yourself that counts and not anyone else.

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