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World War or some other disaster

I’m responsible for World War 2,

Titanic too,

Iceberg right ahead,

Was I the one two blind two see it,

Of course not you weren’t born till 89,

Why can I taste the salt of the sea?

Here the bombs blazing,

Was I a coward who run and hid?

Will I go down in history as a champion?

Or another name on a gravestone.

Survival of the creative

I don’t know anything about you,

They say ignorance is bliss,

Your brain works the same too,

A heart of curiosity,

Soul as big as the ocean,

Google won’t give me an answer,

Its ability,

Not a disability,

Just look at the creativity,

It took to get you here,

A fighter,

With the same burning desire,

As any other women or man,

Your height is not your final answer,

Or the first question they should ask.

Inside my head


Fears, tears,

Conscious, solace

Command, conquer,

Happiness, fruitfulness,

Poor, looser

Burnt into the eyelids,

Read every time.

Guessing games

Reading my face,

Guessing my thoughts,

But you’ll never know my heart,

Stop guessing,

Start asking.

A little thought

Presents under the tree,

People all together,

But not for everyone,

Spare a thought or two,

Drink to those who are missed,

For this season maybe jolly,

But not for those alone,

Afraid, in the dark,

Or maybe in the depths.


Not a stickler for rules


Just don’t do me wrong.

In Pieces

The earth shatters in pieces,

No just another broken mirror,

My reflection in pieces,

A metaphor of my broken life.

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