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First minute of the mourning

The first minute of the mourning,

The sun falling out of the sky,

Landing in the sea,

As the heavens open,

The rain starts falling,

The day is only dawning.

The Lie

The mouth not spoken is of truer kind,

Than ones that’s mouth spews utter lies,

For you are a failure to human kind,

For deceit is learnt,

Like you did,

Passed on it will be,

A spawn or two,

Turmoil will reign,

Through you,

While I watch and enjoy the quaint view.


Broken Silence


After a five day slump inspiration has finally hit and this is what I came up with, thank you for reading.




Only to be broken by the clock,

Tick tock,

Tick tock,


The tension building,

Time dragging,

Tick tock,

Tick tock,


All of a sudden,

Boom, boom,

Boom, boom

The beating of your heart,


Sound longed to be heard,

Boom, boom,

Boom, boom,

Wash of relief.


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