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Poetry Progression

For many of you who read this blog know I like to write poetry and I am working on getting enough material to produce a book of my work.

This collection includes many poems of experiences growing up and achievements within my life, a personal collection that I am going to share with poetry lovers.

I have 11 poems that I am happy with so far however once I have approximately 50 I will re-read and assess how well they will fit in with the direction I feel  the collection should be going. Fingers crossed they’re not too different from what I am thinking.


Useful tools I use

I have a few tips I use for poetry writing:

Don’t be scared not to write, it is natural to not feel inspired- see blog my blog where my muse? For tips for when lacking inspiration to write.

Ask others what they think of your writing, it can only help. – remember it is your work if they don’t like it don’t throw it away ask others and learn from what they say.

Every poem can have a different meaning to someone else, that is the beauty of poetry its open for interpretation so don’t be disheartened if someone who reads it has a different understanding of your material.

If you’re unhappy with a poem go back to it a few days after the initial writing of the poem, it can make a difference.

Poetry writing is a small story don’t forget to let it flow from beginning to end, but do allow the reader to make their own interpretation of the poem.

Be yourself in your writing let people see the side maybe you don’t show them every day.

If you’re inspired write more, feel more. I wrote 4 lines of a poem while watching the trailers in the cinema of a dream I had. This shows you can write anywhere, I use the note pages of my phone.

Don’t forget poetry is your style the way you want.

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