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The path I take may not always be right,

But I have a guiding light,


How I try my best,

And until success I will not rest,


I heard rumours of jealous,

Remarks uncouth and untrue and callous,


Fear determined on all that is lost,

Your life on hold until your heart defrosts.


Truth and Lies

Maybe it’s true,

Maybe it’s not,

A version of the truth,

Not even close,

Made up in your head,

Fed to the wolves,

As they lie in wait,

Who knows.


We’re all running from our past,

Fighting to catch something,

Or fighting to be caught,

Jumping at our shadow,

Trying to forget,

That pieces of the puzzle,

We just want to lose,

You make me feel safer,

You’re everything I want to be,

As you try to hide that piece,

You hold my heart in your hand.

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