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Ice Breaking

Ice breaking,

Like a crushing heart,

Water gushing through,

The gaps,

Like the sorrow,

The water fills the earth,

Fills the soul.

Slurp of rain


He drank the rain,

As it fell from the sky,

People looked in disgust,

Shunned and walked by,

For water is a life source,

A slurp kept the man alive,

His soul long gone,

Sapped from him,

And all you can do,

Is be thankful its not you.

Water as an escape

The second theme was water as an escape and this is the result;


Like tears falling,

Down a betrayed lovers face,

Water likes to escape,

Droplets in the air,

From the sky,

They fall,

Rushing as the river flows,

From one life,

To another they go.

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