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Losing you

Slipped through the crack,
They eye could not see,
Drowned in tranquillity,
And swallowed,
Pain free,
The ice became a painless escape,
In the murky waters,
In which my last breathe was caught,
And lost,
In a moment of deep despair,
As I lost sight of your face.

Another empty bottle

At the bottom of this bottle,

It is just an empty bottle,

A heavy heart,

A weak hand,

Down goes another bottle.

Where’s My Muse?

Sometimes when you feel uninspired, you can doubt yourself your ability and this can throw you into turmoil of whether to carry on writing or to try something else. The chance are if your doubting this you are in the same position as many people who love writing but have lost their muse, here are my tips to finding it again. Hopes this helps you as it helps me.

Mild writers block

For those who have a little block in there writing try taking a nap or go for a walk to refresh the brain and to resume clarity.

Looking for an idea?

Read everything signs around you at the bus stop, while shopping, on a day trip. If you look the chances are you will notice something that no one else will have. This could result in a perfect setting for a story, how to improve an advert or a poem about what you think of something who may have been her, their story.

Look at the people around you observe, look out for characters create their story as you imagine what they are thinking feeling and make them who you want to be. What their appearance is may not actually be what their personality is.

Read newspapers and articles and watch documentaries, if it makes you feel something write it down. If it’s only random words you can think of write them down and come back to them at a later date.

Tip – always have a pen and paper at hand or learn how to use the notes page in your phone, never miss an opportunity for something to write about. If you are thinking about it the chances are someone would like to hear about it or is thinking about that topic.

Finding your muse

If your uninspired find something that makes you tick, feed off the emotion. Look at national and local news, of your favourite landmark or place to go is being knocked down tell people about it.

Tip- highlight articles or headings that are of interesting, file them away for reference at a later date.

Serious cases of writers block

Why not do something out of the ordinary, different out of character and become a new character, you never know it may be the one you were looking for all along.

Whatever you do don’t try and control your writing it should flow with ease, don’t try to rush it and don’t stop doing something you love.

Whatever type of writer you are a lot can happen from what’s around you historic places, nature, people, music.

Look, read, listen, take in be inspired!

Good luck writing guys

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